Daily Recap


 Welcome to the Africa Internet Summit 2017 (AIS'17) and the AFRINIC-26 Meeting! Below you'll find highlights of first week's events. 

Workshops & Tutorials Overview

Workshops have been ongoing since Sunday 21 May, with over 300 participants attending the workshops and tutorials so far.

AfNOG Tracks

AfNOG Workshop Participants at AIS'17

Over 280 participants from 35 African countries attended AfNOG tracks. The week kicked off with several bootcamps:

  • Unix Systems Administration Bootcamp
  • Routing Bootcamp
  • Cert Bootcamp

These were followed by 6Lab-based technical tracks, mostly taught in English, with one being taught in French:

  • Scalable Internet Services
  • Scalable Network Infrastructure
  • Network Monitoring and Management 
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Advanced Routing Techniques 
  • CERT Training 

An award ceremony was held on Friday 26 May to present participants with their certificates.

CERT Workshops 

AfNOG CT-E training led by AfricaCERT concluded its seven days programme. Kate Gagnan from FIRST.org conducted two days of training, introducing standard operation of CSIRTs (Security Incident Response Team), and provided several hands-on experiences for attendees.

The JPCERT training focused on the importance of log analysis in the case of incident or APT attacks. Achievements and experiences of the CERT teams were shared during these sessions and the AfricaCERT team held a day-long meeting to discuss the five-year review and strategic plan during the AfricaCERT Day.

The AfricaCERT training was conducted by three instructors from JPCERT/CC(Japan) and ANSSI (France) and is supported by ShadowServer Foundation, which shared details on how to effectively proceed threat intelligence data with attendees. The AfricaCERT training was also supported by GlobalCyberAlliance

Instructor's Corner 

Koichiro Sparky Komiyama (FIRST.Org/JPCERT):  "I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the support provided by AfNOG/AFRINIC staff including our NOC team guys. It is now proven that the AfricaCERT community is maturing and we are now getting into the phase that mutual learning in the region works."






AfChix Tech-Women Summit

Panelists of the first AfChix Tech-Women in ICT 

The first AfChix Tech-Women Summit took place at AIS'17 on 27 May with around 100 participants attending to listen to key female leaders in the ICT industry talk about their experiences.The theme for the Summit was ''A Spectrum of Opportunities” and included a number of panel discussions which aimed to:

  • Provide a platform for African Women in Technology to learn from each other through the various summit sessions.
  • Provide opportunities for network and inspiration for African Women in Technology.
  • Strengthen the AfChix Network through increased visibility of AfChix’s work and programs.

The Summit was organised by AFChix in partnership with AFRINIC, AfNOG, ISOC, NSRC and the Anita Borg Institute (ABI). 

Parallel Events

Various supplementary and parallel events have also been taking place over the last week. 

  • AFTLD Train the Trainers Course
  • AFRINIC's IPv6 Foundation Training 
  • AFRINIC's Internet Routing Registry Workshop

  • AF-IX Workshop 

  • iPhone Apps Tutorial

  • IDN Workshops and Case Studies

  • Bitcoin Blockchain Forum

  • Hackathon@AIS

  • ICANN Day

  • IDN Workshop 

  • Free IPA Identity Manager

  • Introduction to LTE / EPC (EPC) networks

Participants in the Hackathon@AIS Workshop

Mr Mustafa Golam, Course Instructor with the participants in the Introduction to LTE / EPC (EPC) networks Workshop.


Thank you to our host, partners and sponsors: