Security Assessment

As an additional measure of reassurance, AFRINIC has commissioned a security agency, Salama Fikira, to undertake a full Security Assessment of the meeting venue and the surrounding areas. The report is available to be downloaded below.

Salama Fikira (SF) has been contracted to conduct a security assessment of Nairobi, Kenya, for AIS'17, which is to be held at the Boma Inn Hotel. 

The report highlights that the overall threat level at the Boma hotels is considered to be low, with no inhibitive risks identified during the assessment. Comprehensive security measures – physical, human and technical – have been implemented at the complex, which are assessed to effectively mitigate most common security threats in Nairobi. While crime rates are at a high level throughout Nairobi, the immediate surroundings of the site experience relatively few security-related incidents. However, significant threats to individuals travelling to and from the site from criminal elements, incidents in civil unrest remain in place.

Download the PDF Version of the report 


Salama Fikira

Salama Fikira is an African risk management consultancy headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with regional offices throughout East, Central and West Africa. The company supports multi-sector industries in the land and maritime dimensions, creating business assurance in complex and difficult environments for private, corporate and government entities. Since 2005, Salama Fikira has been providing risk management and commercial land based security operations across Africa and on the high seas. From its four divisions, Salama Fikira is able to offer a range of services tailored to fit each client’s unique requirement. The divisions secure assets, facilitate business, build assurance and help encourage sensible and managed entry, expansion and growth into the African market.

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